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The city's history

Do you have any questions concerning the city's history? Would you like to experience or research the city's history with your classmates or friends? If so, the Karlsruhe Municipal Archives and Historical Museums are the perfect place for you.

We offer you insights into the history of Durlach - Karlsruhe's "mother" town - at Pfinzgaumuseum, the history of the modern City of Karlsruhe at Stadtmuseum (Karlsruhe City Museum), Baden's democratic history at Ständehaus Memorial Site, and the overall history with the possibility of doing your own research in the Municipal Archives.

The Karlsruhe Municipal Archives and Historical Museums (Stadtmuseum (Karlsruhe City Museum), Pfinzgaumuseum, Ständehaus Memorial Site) are supported by Förderverein Karlsruher Stadtgeschichte, a supporters' association, and the Hirsch Foundation​​​​​​​.

The city's history at a glance

Karlsruhe Municipal Archives

The Karlsruhe Municipal Archives are the focal point for all questions relating to Karlsruhe's city history.

Karlsruhe City Museum

The Karlsruhe City Museum (Stadtmuseum) is housed in the 'Prinz-Max-Palais' and features special exhibitions on topics concerning municipal history on a regular basis.


Situated in the baroque halls of Karlsburg Castle (Entrance B), the Pfinzgaumuseum features the history of the Durlach district of Karlsruhe, an independent city until 1938.

Ständehaus Memorial Site

Since 1993, the permanent exhibition in the "Ständehaus Memorial Site" showcases parliamentary history in Baden.


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